Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Describe your latest ....
Ihave always loved words. Remember when in school you would take your name or a word and make other words out of the letters? I loved doing that and still do. One of my favorite gifts to make are little books with words to describe each person. Everyone loves to hear or read something about them right? I know I do! : )

Something else I absolutely LOVE are letters. You could say obsessed with them. In my scrap booking supplies I have all kinds of letters, chip board, metal, stickers, stamps in all shapes and colors I love font!

They make me sooooo happy!
I think its because my dad was a sign painter. I loved to watch him work. He would get out his blue grease pencil laying it out first, then he would get out the paint and brush to complete his sign. He made it look so easy and beautiful! I can still smell the paint. I was always amazed at is work. ( I love you dad and miss you! )
So of course this new craze of having signs , words or letters for home decor was a must for my home. Love it!
My latest obsession is letters and words that I decoupage. Once I get started making one I can't stop until it is complete. I'm totally obsessed and hooked!

What is your obsession?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Read Nienie tonight how could I ever feel sad for myself? Really such a wonderful person so strong!

I am not a writer! Have no clue how to use proper gramar ,spell,punctuate and all the correct hoopla of writing! My mother and my sister Jeanette are the writers in the family, also by my surprise so is Lynn ! I always knew he was a great story teller, but never knew he could do it on paper! Until he started writing on Cameos blog. She also is a great writer I might add ! I do love to tell a story,just not writing it down. With an audience I think I can tell a great story with motions and facials and really catch your attention. Sadly blogging, journals all have to do with writing. Which I'm not the greatest at.Problem is I really love to talk but what I do for a living keeps me from talking to adults most of the time. I want to share to talk to my fellow adults! So I am humbling myself and I'm going to journal what I think what happens to me everyday for me ! Well not everyday but I am going to do this! I was taught that we must journal ! This will be my challenge to myself this year!My life really is a crazy story one after another for sure so here I go! Stay tuned! (Larisa)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

"All that happens in life is not without a purpose. Even though we may never understand the reason's for which things occur .Have faith- for though understanding may never be ours. God alone understands all."~Author unknown~

Monday, February 1, 2010

DANG IT ! This picture thing is making me CRAZY!
Why the heck did my post get all spread out like that?
It didn't look like that when I previewed it! This Is reminding me why i don't blog!

I'm so Lucky!
Every school morning Lindsey and I get up and head out for our journey to the bus stop.
When we moved into our new home we decided to let Lindsey stay at her same school district she has been going to sense kindergarten.That means we have to get up early early to adventure
into the dark and drive 20 min. to catch the bus. She loves her school and her friends so much it is worth it! Plus I get to go in my PJ's and I don't even have to comb my hair if I don't want to,which is almost always! : ) On these drives back and fourth to and from school I get to have some great conversations with her.Well she does most of the conversing I listen. That girl can talk your hear off let me tell you! I love my time with her.

Another bonus taking Lindsey to the bus is I meet one of my parents over there to pick him up. He is my sweetie pie Dylan. Let me say there is nothing better then when I'm waiting for him to get out of his car, so excited to see me! laughing and running to me saying Risa! Risa! he jumps up into my arms and hugs and kisses me! I am so lucky to not only have my own children that love me, but to have all my extra daycare children love me as well!