Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Tuffet

Why oh Why am I doing nothing but sitting on my tuffet! Reading blogs all day,not just today but for three days in a row! I'm having a Minni vacation because I only have one little guy this week. I had such wonderful plans of all the things I would get done this unpacking the last of my boxes that are crammed in Sarah's room or organize the office and closets. Oh and best of all to go roller blading with the little guy everyday,OK so I tried that Mon. it is way harder then it looks! Did you know that? I thought if I tried pushing a stroller it would help balance me, I was all I'm so smart this is going to be great! Well guess what, I forgot we have a slowped drive way ! Yikes, OK I say to myself I'll just go straight down and go across street no prob! Ha problem a car turned on street right when I was sailing down drive way, oh no how do I stop ! I start thinking snow plow like when your skiing ummm that is not how you stop! Oh noooooooo try turning stroller so we don't go in street its stuck ! Crash bang boom! I'm skidding on ground holding tightly to stroller so he doesn't go flying into street. Awe we are saved as my body is spread across side walk and car is driving by slowly staring. I sit laughing cuz its all I can do because I feel like the biggest dork in the whole wide world. We keep on truckin I'm so not going to give up! We get down the block and what do you know it starts to rain! I'm so happy because I think I might die if I had to go any further because I'm huffing and puffing like I just ran a marathon not just going down the block.So after we make it home I with bloody knee from the great fall and thinking I shall die because I cant catch my breath. I now sit and sit on my tuffet and wish and dream of being creative,talented as everyone I read about on their blog.