Friday, March 26, 2010

Hopeful and Happy!

That's it ! Just wanted to say it! :) Love my Family and Friends!

Monday, March 15, 2010

HOME ,Where your story begins

I grew up in the same house tell I was eighteen until I got married. Growing up I always thought how awesome it would be if we could move and go somewhere new exciting and different! Then I got married yeah I get to do something new exciting and different! We went on our honeymoon and I got homesick! Ha ! I missed my home and my family so much. Then when Jordan and Mason where 18months we packed up and moved to Tucson yeah an exciting and different change! Not even a week into living there I called my Mom and Dad and said can I please come stay with you for awhile , missed them again ! Ha! Through out my young years in Tucson I think I went back to visit more then I stayed home. We finally bought our first home only to live in it for two years then we were going to sell. We stayed in that cozy home for eleven years, Lindsey joined our family in this home. Then we moved to my dreammmmm HOME! I so loved this home! I so loved my happy family in our happy house. Sometime happy turns into something else and family gets broken. Even thou things were not the same we kept going in our happy dream home, until momma started trying way to hard to keep this home when it was only Lindsey and momma living in it. Everything I earned went into keeping this dreammmmm HOME, it wasn't so dreamy anymore! So I made a long ,sad,hard but good decision to give it up. Such weight lifted off my shoulders. During all this time I met a wonderful man who makes me so happy! So for a new Chapter in my story of homes we are living in this fixer upper in the ghetto hows that for something different and exciting? Let me tell you its been a year in this little house in the ghetto with lots and lots of new fun adventures!

We have gutted it and are slowly making it our cozy new home with new story's to build!

The before pictures are taken when a bunch of 19 & 21 yr olds lived here yikes very scary stuff! BEFORE






Monday, March 1, 2010

Bring on March!

February was not so fun! Starting with Lindsey bruising her foot and not being able to go to school for two day! Not a fun thing I tell you, she is not a good patient. I get her back to school and that very day when I'm feeling oh so happy, Ted comes home with yucky yucky news. The company he works for called them all in for a meeting at 3:00 pm to say they are shutting their doors everyone lost their jobs! Such nice people to know this and still have them work the whole week with some overtime I might add! (he didn't get paid for that weeki Imight add!!!)Yucky yucky! So we brave that and keep on trucking saying all will get better we just know it! Then the next weekend Lindsey breaks her toe! what the heck I say!? Another day without going to school! Yucky yucky!!!! Then she starts getting better and wouldn't ya know it, Ted falls into a pond (very funny story I might add : ) ) and hurts his foot and is just being able to walk normal. So I am oh so hoping that March will bring us much happiness and good things!